AbbaDox RIS + Dictation

RIS in a Modern Radiology Enterprise Ecosystem

AbbaDox is a cloud-based software-as-a-service leader in Radiology Information Services offering a suite of mission-critical software applications optimize operational workflows, clinical documentation, and care coordination. The platform is built to host responsive and intelligent, on-demand applications that optimize operations and workflows. AbbaDox Cloud provides all the systems necessary to run your radiology practice under a single roof, powered by the cloud, with zero or minimal IT footprint.

Smart Templates and Routines:

Gain immediate efficiencies by dictating naturally and letting the application reconstruct your narrative into one of the 300+ built-in structured templates.

Embedded Critical and Incidental Findings:

Handle a critical concern or a potentially misunderstood verbal communication without going outside of the standard reporting routine.

Support Women's Imaging:

Benefit from streamlined mammography workflows, and quickly and easily capture BI-RADS with one button.

Multi-Speech Engine Compatibility:

Integrated with multiple industry leading, state-of-the-art speech recognition engines.

Reduce Errors and Minimize Fatigue:

Identify and flag common dictation and omission errors, such as laterality or gender-related issues.