Sectra Breast Imaging

Comprehensive breast Imaging for efficient screening and diagnostic workflows

A comprehensive breast imaging solution lets you work from a single workstation whether you’re reading 2D mammograms, digital breast tomosynthesis, ultrasound, or MRI exams-or even want to bring up digital pathology images at your tumor board meeting. It gives you all the tools you need for high-volume mammography screening and advanced diagnostic breast imaging workflows. With a solution that provides the best possible reader experience and helps you streamline the mammography workflow, you can focus on your work-ups without wasting time waiting for images or information.

Advanced Diagnostic and Screening workflows

With a comprehensive breast imaging solution, you can access all the information you need for your work-ups in a single viewer. Review 2D mammograms, tomosynthesis exams, ultrasounds, MRIs, specimen images, photos, videos, PDFs, and even digital pathology images-all in a single solution.